1725 Lima,PERU - Royal 8 Reales

 Well struck and centered, on small flan of excellent metal. Flan nice and round. Three dates visible. Legends nearly completely visible, and rare thus. A very handsome "Royal" of itself, let alone for this ephemeral king too. Extremely Rare - the rarest of all the Spanish kings.

Philip V, the first Bourbon king of Spain, abdicated his throne in favor of his son Louis I in 1724. Unfortunately, young king Louis died the same year after a reign of only 7 months, with Philip resuming rule once more. Louis' coins are the Classic Rarity of the the vast Imperial Spanish coinages, even though the Potosi mint struck cobs in his name from 1725 to 1727. Mexico, the other country to issue in his name, struck 8 Reales of the earlier type from 1724 to 1725. 

This is the ONLY Known Lima Royal 8 Reales of 1725 which shows the kings name ,

 (spelled LVDOVICVS)


Illustrated in 'The Practical Book of Cobs - 4th edition '
Authenticated by Daniel Frank Sedwick , co-Author of several books
on Spanish Cob coinage. and additional documentation by Alan Craig.

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