El Cazador Shipwreck

A 8-Reales coin recovered from the El Cazador Shipwreck. The coin is certified as a genuine “shipwreck?by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) coin grading company and is enclosed in a sonically-sealed, protective acrylic slab. This coin dates from 1782.

El Cazador, sunk in 1784 off New Orleans, Louisiana

The Cazador was a Spanish brig of war headed from Vera Cruz, Mexico, to New Orleans under the direction of Captain Gabriel de Campos y Piñeda. Her cargo of some 450,000 pesos of newly minted silver coins was meant to stabilize the fragile economy in the Spanish possession of Louisiana, which had suffered from the use of French paper currency. The fact that the coins never arrived probably hastened the decision to cede the colony to Napoleon in 1800, soon after which Louisiana was sold to the fledgling United States of America for $15 million.


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