Colonial and Shipwreck Gold

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Madrid, Spain, bust 1/2 escudo, Charles III, 1786DV,

small Authentic Diamond set in pierced hole

 14kt Gold Bezel with 18 inch 14Kt Gold necklace 

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Utrecht, United Netherlands, Gold ducat, 1729, Mint State, from the Vliegenthart, sunk in 1735 off Zeeland, the Netherlands 

The East Indiaman Vliegenthart (“Flying Hart?in Dutch) had just departed Rammekens for the East Indies when the deadly combination of a northeast gale, a spring tide and pilot error sent her into a sand bank behind her sister-ship Anna Catharina. The latter ship broke apart in the storm while the Vliegenthart, damaged and firing her cannons in distress, slipped off the bank and sank in 10 fathoms of water. All hands on both ships were lost.

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8 Reales

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Ring   China Trade Currency

unmounted  1 Reales

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Colonial & Shipwreck Gold

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