On the night of August 19th 1585 the "Santiago" wrecked on the Bassas da India reef between Madagascar and
Mozambique in   the Indian Ocean. The Officers and crew, and the wealthy passengers took to the lifeboats promising to return with help for the 400 others on board. It was an idle promise and the 400 persons drowned when the ship broke up beneath them.

We Purchased several Hundred relic cobs and pieces of eight from the family of the original salvor.

This is ONE of the few Shipwreck that contain Rare coins from the Early Panama Mint.

Panama Mint coinage


 a 20 page report  detailing the Shipwreck and Salvage operation available $15.00 postpaid.


Coins from the Santiago

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Colonial Lead Seals

Authentic Coin Jewelry

8 Reales

Sao Jose Shipwreck

Ring   China Trade Currency
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2 Reales in 14kt Gold

Santiago 1585

1715 Fleet Study Collection

El Cazador Caribbean  Florida 1700's map