Shipwreck - Sao Jose circa 1622 , Deluxe presentation

Rare 8 Reales and 4 Reales from the Sao' Jose, a shipwreck discovered by Odyssey Marine and Arqueonautas Worldwide

Lost in 1622, rare treasure coins from the Sao Jose shipwreck are finally available to collectors world-wide. Excavated off the coast of Mozambique by Arqueonautas Worldwide, fewer than 7200 of these collectible quality coins will be distributed, so don't miss this remarkable opportunity to acquire one of these rare treasures!

Sailing in haste from Lisbon, the Sao Jose was the Almiranta of a fleet on a King's mission. It was transporting royal treasure to Goa, the capital of Portugal's overseas empire. Traveling with the fleet was Francisco da Gama, the great grandson of legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, en route to Goa, India, to reign as Viceroy. Attacked at sea by English and Dutch ships, they battled heroically for several days, but in the end, the Sao Jose and da Gama's royal treasure were lost off the Mozambique coast.

A Royal Treasure to Support the Portuguese Empire In 2005, Arqueonautas Worldwide located the Sao Jose off the coast of Mozambique and has since completed extensive research followed by a large area magnetometer survey. In partnership with the company's Mozambique counterpart Patrimonio Internacional SARL, a team of trained divers, archaeologists, conservation experts and specialized backup personnel excavated the remains of the shipwreck. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), the world's leading coin certification company, has identified and certified each coin as an authentic shipwreck coin from the Sao Jose Sealed in its official NGC holder, each coin is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Odyssey and Arqueonautas and presented in an exquisite presentation case.


This is the deluxe presentation Box WITH all original certification

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